Sign in to your Chrysler owner account now to gain knowledge of your vehicle with how-to videos, tips, your owner’s manual and more, all tailored to you. In need of an owners manual for your PT Cruiser? We have many PT Cruiser manuals below, ordered by model year. The Chrysler PT cruiser is a compact car . 25 Emissions Control. Component and System Index. Service Manual Comment Forms. (Rear of Manual). Service & Repair Manual. Chrysler PT. Cruiser.

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Parking brake warning switch on 2.

The Owner’s Manual for Chrysler Owners | Powered by Mopar

Inspect the brake linings. The other programmed fobs will be erased and you will have chime is an indication that you have successfully entered to reprogram them for your vehicle.

If dif- ficulty separating halfshaft Receiver, Special Toolinstalled, over the arm, If the plunger is down when the door Insert the key in the ignition switch and start the engine. An manner until all air is removed from the brake sys- empty reservoir will allow additional air into the tem.

If during the inspection the front suspen- Rear camber and rear toe settings on this vehicle sion crossmember shows any sign of impact dam To achieve the cross camber reading, as viewed from above the vehicle Fig. Isolate condition as rear or front.

If you turned the wheel to the left to engage Your vehicle may cruisdr equipped with a passive steering the lock, turn the wheel slightly to the left to disengage it.


Inspect system for leaks.

2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser — Owner’s Manual

The strut assembly-to-steering knuckle of the strut rearward ear using its mounting screw attaching bolts are serrated and must not be turned Fig. Inspect for broken or cracked welds 0207 each end of the twist beam within the axle. This is referred to as Net Build. Recycle Your Lithium-Ion Battery. Change the brake fluid. Add it now to start exploring. This symbol means that the oil has been certified Fig.

One of the two hydraulic circuits is 1. Don’t have your vehicle added? Press the hub out of the bearing race. Get to know the full capabilities of your vehicle and how to keep it running strong with your Owner’s Manual.

The result is no required adjustment of camber and caster after the vehicle is built or when servicing the suspension components. The steel rear axle on this vehicle is a twist beam NOTE: The wheel hub is pressed into a sealed-for- The wheel bearing and hub are pressed into the life wheel bearing that is pressed into the steering steering knuckle. Refer to the Standard Torque Specifica- Fig.

Continue to tighten the screw-drive until the bushing is pressed completely out of the lower control arm.

Download the PT Cruiser Owner’s Manual

Educational Videos Discover the capabilities, safety features and technologies your vehicle has to offer Learn the basics of caring for your vehicle or explore more advanced options Watch videos anytime because they’re always on demand.

Sign in or create an account to receive access to even more exciting content. Replace the spark plugs. The presence of negative or positive thrust angle causes the rear tires to track improperly to the left or right of the front tires dog tracking. If the ball the steering knuckle and allows for the up and down joint is lubricated after installation to knuckle, dam- movement manuual the suspension during the jounce and Check And Reset Wheel Alignment 3.


Push the switch into the fluid reservoir until switch View Your Vehicle Warranty. With the engine running, turn the steering wheel upside down, turn off the engine and remove the key. Remove the washer behind the strut from the torque strut bolt. If any parts show signs of exces- sive wear, the halfshaft assembly will require replacement. Both ends of the coil spring are identical. The doors cruisfr not previously locked using the power door lock switch or remote keyless entry transmitter.

It is important to woners the ball joint OPERATION before installation of steering knuckle to allow The lower control arm supports the lower end of proper venting when the seal is filled. Your preferred dealer has been successfully updated. Do not twist the inner tie rod-to-steering gear rubber boots while turning the inner tie rod during the front toe adjustment. Sign in today to view your complete Owner’s Manual – plus video tutorials and other helpful resources – to learn everything from setting the clock and checking the oil to replacing parts or what that light on your dashboard means.