Posts about Sinhala Tipitaka written by Ranjith. Anguttara Nikaya අංගුත්තර නිකාය. Anguttara Nikaya Part 1 · Anguttara Nikaya Part 2 · Anguttara Nikaya. Tipitaka Sinhala [PDF]ST Sutta Anguttara Nikaya 1 · [PDF]ST Sutta Anguttara Nikaya 2 · [PDF]ST Sutta Anguttara Nikaya 3 · [PDF]ST Sutta Anguttara Nikaya 4. 7 අගෝ Anuruddha Suttraya – Prathama Pannasakaya, Anguttara Nikaya send me the sinhala translation of Velama suthraya in Anguththara nikaya.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Tapussa Sutta AN 9. The Tripitaka is a tri-fold writing. Uposatha Sutta AN 3. Sivathika Sutta AN 5. Abhisanda Sutta AN 8. The series comprises of 40 volumes and anguttarq books.

Sutta Pitaka in Sinhalese

Sinhalaa Sutta AN 5. Thera Gatha Their Gatha. The Buddha comes to him to teach him the eighth, endowed with which he will attain arahantship. Nagaropama Sutta AN 7.

Anuruddha Suttraya – Prathama Pannasakaya, Anguttara Nikaya » Dhammikaweb

Patisammpada Magga Prakaranaya Deegha Nikaya Part 2. History reveals that the Tripitaka was coordinated at the First Council of the Maha Sangha soon after the parinirvana passing away of Lord Buddha, in order to preserve his teachings which had been only memorized up to that moment.


Sekha Sutta AN 6. Quite some cleaning may be advisable here. Anguttara Nikaya Part 4. Anguttarz Sutta AN 2. The digital library of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura gives the opportunity for keen readers of the Tripitaka to easily find the volumes online. Anguttara Nikaya Part 3. He deserves the merits of all this hard work.

Duccarita Sutta AN 5. So what you find in this section awakens a deeper sense on life than other simply organized records.

Sinhala Tipitaka | Tipitaka

Atitti Sutta AN 3. This gigantic task was completed only on January with the publication of the last book by the Government Publisher. The Buddha Jayanthi Edition of Tripitaka, which nioaya Pali version of Thripitaka and its Sinhala translation, was sponsored by the Government of Sri Lanka, during — and the last volume was published by the Government Nikay in Samayavimutta Sutta AN 5.

This site uses cookies. Anutappiya Sutta AN 6. Each of these terms is defined and then described witht the pattern of the four ariya-saccas.


Sikkhattaya Sutta AN 3. The Buddha then explains in detail the meaning of those thoughts. This is a very useful discourse for the meditators who wish to balance the two corresponding spiritual faculties of effort and concentration, together with equanimity. The Pali-English Dictionary is also available, just in case.

Download Theravada Tripitaka in Sinhala and Pali ත්‍රිපිටකය

The series comprises of 40 anguttada and 57 books. Mr Saminda Ranasinghe converted the original printed books to electronically readable pdf files. Samutta Nikaya Part 4. Nibbedhika Sutta AN 6.