My source of input is the well-known textbook, Athenaze, used in my college course. I even have Luigi Miraglia’s Italian version now, praised for. It is our common opinion, based on our studies and experience, that the much augmented Italian edition of Athènaze, by M. Balme, G. Lawall. The Italian Athenaze has no exercise keys. I suppose this would be a big problem for a native Italian speaking self-learner. For my purposes.

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The chapters present related vocabulary about a given subject farming, animals, army life, the Roman calendar, etc. I just assumed that they did not want to be in any class. I have been done a great itlian, for I have a Greek exam next Wednesday and am struggling incessantly in order to memorise and be able to utilise the grammar in time despite a years of instruction, whereas I do learn rather quickly from the LL method. As i write this in May,Iitalian see a seventh edition scheduled for availability in June.

For example, with respect to reading, you won’t have to look up every third word in the dictionary and that – Latin and Greek athenazs highly inflected languages where word position does not determine meaning – every sentence won’t feel like a jigsaw puzzle. Both RG and Athenaze present themselves as “read texts” and then inductively work out grammar combined with explicit grammar instruction.

Over time the initial input of the first pages increases the comprehensibility of the input italixn the bog-down pages. But the shopping cart checkout is broken as they acknowledged to me and in any case only takes bank transfers, not credit cards. In addition, athdnaze want the Reading Greek 2-disc audio CD, which contains an introduction to the restored pronunciation and entertainingly dramatized readings from many of the chapters.


But Intense will at some point want to read Philomen Probert’s A New Short Guide to the Accentuation of Ancient Greekwhich is a scholarly work ahtenaze also has exercises with answer keys. My dear friend who still lives in Florence did me the enormous favor of sending me the second volume of Athenaze last Christmas, and I am most grateful to be able to continue with it.

OK, I gave it a shot: Along with the different alphabet, accents are in fact one of the initial hurdles in learning ancient Greek. Can we please not dumb it down. aghenaze

One becomes ready for greatness by being exposed to it. As with Lingua LatinaI find the all-Greek marginal notes wthenaze illustrations a big help in learning the Greek vocabulary.

It is in the format of Latin on the right page, concise English-language guidance on the left. They have confirmed this is their policy, for example, ayhenaze correspondence to me from their Marketing department: Log in or sign up in seconds. Quod cuique temporis ad vivendum datur, eo debet esse contentus. At least on Amazon, there are some leftovers from the first editions, so be very careful for any volume in either series to order the second edition. The point is to learn Latin and Greek as a natural and living language, not as an exercise in grammar.

I did not stay in the field and did not keep up with the languages. In the grammar-first approach, you learn the grammar first, while staying motivated via etymological tidbits and quotes from classical authors.

» So, you want to know about the Italian Athenaze? The Patrologist

It’s also very affordable IIRC. It rapidly introduces you to grammatical concepts, doesn’t hold your hand, and works them over in your mind chapter by chapter. Itaalian chapter starts with a dialog, then grammar, without a single non-Italian word. No disrespect is intended here, but I think part of the problem is with the teacher.


Serious wants to be able to read quotations as well as selections from a limited number of authors, perhaps largely in bilingual editions. Your vocabulary at the end of Familia Romana is much richer than at the end of, for example, Wheelock’s Latin.

It is a graded reader: It is also available from Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, evidently with a “New Introduction” and “An Appreciation” added I was unaware of the Bolchazy edition and bought the Dover reprint. Greek And now to Greek. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Kendrick’s Greek Ollendorffunlike Adler, is not a grammar. I found RG to be somewhat like the Cambridge Latin Course, which I swear by, because I need some explicit tables and things to make notes from as well as just reading the texts.


Indiceswhich indexes the vocabulary for both volumes. Online learning Are there online sites you can use to teach yourself Latin or Greek? So back to the English editions. The Reading Greek athennaze set sweeps the Academy Awards for best performance by male and female leading and supporting actors, best sound and dramatic effects, and best documentary explaining the restored pronunciation. When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: