CASIO ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Unit 6, North Circular Road,. London NW2 7JD, U.K.. Important! Please keep your manual and all information handy for. ALGEBRA FX Manual Chapter 2 Manual Calculations (MB). Chapter 3 List Chapter 7 Computer Algebra System and Tutorial Modes (MB). 8 Feb With manual calculations, you input formulas from left to right, just as they are written . In no event shall CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. be liable to anyone for special, collateral .. Tutorial Lock (ALGEBRA FX PLUS only).

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Sample Graphs Sample Graphs Sample Graphs k k k manuzl k How to draw a simple graph 1 Description To draw a graph, simply input the applicable function.


Page Higher Degree Equations Higher Casio algebra fx 2.0 plus manual Equations Description You can use this calculator to solve higher degree equations such as quadratic equations and cubic equations. Input the new value and press w to replace the old data with the new one. Page Function Analysis k k k k k Graph to Table Description You can use trace to read the coordinates of a graph and store them in a number table.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current nanual. Press for other roots.

Calculation of root c Max Use the following table range and V-Window Settings. It helps to see how the coefficients and terms that make up a function influence the shape and position of a graph. The following are the types of software that can be installed as add-ins.

The settings on casio algebra fx 2.0 plus manual general graph settings screen may differ. Use a table range of —3 to 3 casio algebra fx 2.0 plus manual an increment of 1. Page 76 Changing the Appearance of a Graph k k k k k Changing the Graph Background You can use the set up screen to specify the memory contents of any picture memory area Pict 1 through Pict 20 as the Background item. Specify the cell number by enclosing it inside square brackets. Quick-Start defc to highlight RUN 2.


ALGEBRA FX PLUS/FX PLUS – Calculators – Manuals – CASIO

Page Performing a Data Communication Operation uTo execute a send operation After selecting the data items to send, press 6 Trns. When the option menu is on the display, press 4 CALC to display the function analysis menu. Next, it can be determined whether the function is convergent or divergent. Page Drawing a Graph k k k k k Graph Memory Graph memory lets you store up to 20 sets of graph function data and recall it later when you xasio it.

Using Tables Using Tables Using Tables k k k k k Storing a Function and Generating a Number Table u To store a function Example To store the function — 2 in memory area Y1 Use f and c to move the highlighting in the Graph function list to the memory area where you want to store the function. While a Dynamic Graph draw operation is being csaio, press A to change to the speed adjustment menu.

Page Drawing Two Graphs on the Same Screen k k casio algebra fx 2.0 plus manual k casio algebra fx 2.0 plus manual Using Zoom to Enlarge the Sub-screen Description Use the following procedure to enlarge the main screen graph and then move it to the sub- screen. Use a table range of 2 through 9, with an increment of 1. This command is a count jump that decrements the value of a control variable by 1, and caiso jumps if the current value of the variable is zero.

Pressing d returns to casio algebra fx 2.0 plus manual first set of intercepts. Be sure to perform the following procedure caso load batteries, reset the calculator, and adjust the contrast before trying casi use the calculator for the first time.

Chapter System Settings Menu Use the system settings menu to view system information and make system settings. The Graph is drawn 10 agebra. In the Algebra Mode, you can even store formulas in Ans memory.

Then you can graph two different functions in each for comparison, or draw a normal size graph on one side and its enlarged version on the other cwsio. Page 9 Compound Interest After configuring the parameters, press one of the function keys noted below to perform the corresponding calculation.


The result is rounded to a digit mantissa before it is displayed.

Clears the contents of specific equation A to Z, Syntax: These relational operators are used in combination with the conditional jump command. As you do, a box appears on the display.

Casio Algebra FX 2.0 PLUS User Manual

You can tell whether a menu bar item is a menu or a command by its appearance. Replacing batteries with power on will cause data in memory to be deleted. Functions in memory can be edited, recalled, and graphed. Complex Casio algebra fx 2.0 plus manual Calculations Complex Number Calculations Complex Number Calculations You can perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, parentheses calculations, function calculations, and memory calculations with casio algebra fx 2.0 plus manual numbers just as you do with the manual calculations described on pages and Page Function Analysis Example Read coordinates and derivatives along the graph of the function shown below.

Incorrectly using batteries can cause them to burst or leak, possibly damaging the interior of the calculator. Use to move the pointer again. Cursor is positioned automatically at the location of the cause of the error. Single-variable statistics include distribution and sum.

Page Tutorial Mode The following shows the formulas available for each type of expression. Note the following precautions: Page 84 Function Analysis k k k k k Coordinate Rounding Description This function rounds off coordinate values displayed by Trace. Page Program Library fcde fcde wwfcde wwfcde From the initial System Setting Mode screen, press 4 Lang to display the system language setting screen.

Page Drawing a Graph k k k k k Editing and Deleting Functions u To edit a function in memory Example To change the expression in memory area Y1 from — 5 to — 3 e Displays cursor. SortA ;lus [ ] The list must contain values or mathematical expressions only.