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I am sure that training of our forest men along with establishment of a Forest Research Institute will receive enough and sympathetic attention for the FAO. The other point, my final point, I would like to mention is that it is going to arquovo difficult to realize the objectives of the Jakarta Declaration without intensified training.

We organize numerous scientific seminars and other kinds of meetings of international character.

Because we regard the conservation aspect of forestry as vit al this is why we made this point this morning on fertilizer, that it is vital to recycle organic waste in any kind of discussion on fertilizer developmentwe see in fertilizer and therecycling of waste and the preservation of forest a key to the preservation of water and soil resources. I have a small point relating to faoo item 6.

Wood and timber are a multi-purpose resource which should not be defeated by use as firewood. I think this should be an important policy.

We know that these investments are necessary. The Jakarta Sxlvar rightly states that “industries can be scaled to the economies of developing countries, rather than just to economies of scale”. The Philippine Fertilizer Programme, which would terminate inhad also supported training courses, seminars and study tours by some personnel to the Netherlands, Rome, Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Again, we will require the input of FAO in these efforts.

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I apologise for taking you back a little but what I have to say is in connection with action arising out of the Fifth Session of the Commission on Fertilizers. Since technical cooperation is one of the important elements in the process of sharing and transfer of appropriate technology, all speakers from the developed countries pledged their support for the recommendations for TCDC and ECDC and also their willingness to offer training facilities in their.


The Jakarta Declaration is there-fore addressed not only to forestry specialists and foresters but also, and primarily, to Governments.

The policy of the Government is to decentralize its administrative functions and allow the people to have a greater say in what affects them.

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This was the largest world congress on forestry ever held to date. We regard our 10, acres of forest as central to our entire agricultural strategy.

Heads of Delegations continue to decry the unsatisfactory food conditions, poverty, disease, malnutrition, for millions of the world’s population.

The Jakarta Declaration is not a paper that could be put aside in a file with a few comments and then forgotten. Chairman for giving me the floor.

However, foresters gradually co fortunately realized that they could not remain indifferent towards this situation. Secondly, we have our Rapporteur here, that is Mr. Flores-Rodas por el sustancioso documento que nos ha presentado. Rural development has taken dramatic root in the minds of politicians in my country and so the will is assumed to be there. I have heard the proposal given by the distinguished arqujvo of Pakistan and from what we heard in the morning you will recollect that we have repeatedly insisted on the issue of the uncontrollable price of fertilizers which should be monitored, and in view of this I strongly support the suggestion of Mr.

We are in full agreement with this aspect and wish to mention the efforts we are applying in this direction in Liberia. May I voice Israel’s request and hope that the Mediterranean Forestry Commission continue its independent activity as has been the case until now.

I have gone over briefly what we in Pakistan are doing to demonstrate that the Jakarta Declaration is an important milestone. May I also congratulate Dr.


A statement rao the Observer from the International Federation of Agricultural Producers has also been included. Now we have world food shortages and hungry and starving millions, agroforestry should be a high priority for food production in rural areas, especially in countries which are heavily forested. Only then, the destroyer of forests, the shifting cultivator, the small farmer who has finally become the victim of his own salvwr, could well be the recreater of the devastated forests.

Chairman, concerns the subject of forest protection from fires which is a serious problem in many countries having a dry climate. All these processes are a step in the right direction in creating employment and increasing the purchasing power of rural people.

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The inter-dependence which has become a near reality in mother nature would hopefully be pursued in the economic, social and political cooperation between countries as well. Going further into this problem it turns out that there is an extremely large gap between what is needed and what is actually happening in these fields.

Since I take the floor for the first time, I would like to congratulate you on the trust of the Conference which was clearly evinced by your election to chair this Commission, and I wish you all success. Only then the new concept “Forests for People” will inseparably be united with its counterpart: The Jakarta World Congress has given a comprehensive review of the world forestry and timber industry. One is reforestation in a rational manner, either industrial or natural, to protect forests from fires, to combat pests and fungus diseases whichmay damage forests and control the attack by certain rodents and animals which could affect trees and to set up shelters.