El Eternauta tells the story of Juan Salvo and a group of survivors of an alien invasion. A unknown race of aliens are invading earth an use others slave alien. At the end, the comic writer wonders, is telling the story enough? Perhaps not, but El Eternauta © Héctor Germán Oesterheld and Francisco Solano López. El Eternauta (Eternity Traveller). Real Name: Juan Salvo. Identity/Class: Human mutate. Occupation: Factory owner (factory manufactured electrical transformers).

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In the vein of classic science fiction, this story posits an enemy so terribly unimaginably other in order to force the realization that we have much in common.

Such is the lasting power of the characters introduced in The Eternonautand such are the expansive possibilities introduced in the original version. Oesterheld and his four daughters to lean in a left-wing resistance group against the military dictatorship. It was translated by Erica Mena. Eisenbichler is the source of hope.

He is doomed to search forever for his family. By the time he published the sequel, he and his daughters had joined the Montoneros etenrauta guerrilla group.

Widely considered a masterpiece, its reading is highly suggested. Juan Salvo ya no es el mismo, tiene poderes especiales: Osterheld’s political activities would eventually draw the attention of another, horrifyingly familiar opponent. Disturbed by the Dirty War and political repression of the period, Oesterheld criticized the coic.

The enemies of the humans are Them.

It’s been translated from Spanish into Italian and French, but never until now English. It is considered an all-time classic by several comic historians and scholars, such as Claude Moliterni, Franco Restaino, Thierry Groensteen, Daniele Barbieri and many others.

Two of them were pregnant. Starting in the ninetiesa lot of other sequels and homages, both official and unofficial, were released, cementing it as an important part of Argentine eteenauta culture.


The Eternonaut – Words Without Borders

InOesterheld rewrote El Eternautawith changes to the story, more political references and more violence. During these trips they find Pablo, eel twelve-year-old boy, and realize that crazed or needy survivors may be as much of a threat as the deadly snow.

This translation of the original version of The Eternonaut is only one version of this story. Since the restoration of democracy inEl Eternauta has been continued in different versions by a variety of writers and artists.

From his corpse, lacking any trace until today.

It is widely considered one of the most important Latin American texts in both science fiction and comics. Fantagraphics Books published the first translation into English, under the name “The Eternaut”.

In the real Argentina, the military junta transferred under Jorge Rafael Videla inthe Argentine population with state terror, in fear and terror. He produced artwork for a number of publishers in Madrid and London after fleeing from Argentina to avoid potential arrest.

Oesterheld’s work took on increasingly political tones in the s and s, and he, along with his four daughters two of whom were pregnant at the timewere arrested by the Argentinean military government. These works included Galaxus: In order to invade Earth, they rely on the help of the Beetles, the Gurbos, and the Hands. A few days into the snowfall, they learn that the phenomenon was caused by an extraterrestrial invasion to Earth.

Graphic Lit

But made its way into the German market he found only now: He died in August from a cerebral hemorrhage. When looking at Oesterhelds family history to fall alarmingly large Parallels between the Story in the Comic is told, and the history of Argentina: Send toxic snow, deadly beetles, and barbed the monster.

Like what you read? By arrangement comiv the estates of the authors. To see may in the Berlin Literary Colloquium. Salvo’s group splits, and he tries to escape with his wife and daughter using one of the alien spaceships.


He will there encounter Juan Salvo, along with his family and the members of the village of Las Cuavas, threatened by Them. Me fascinaba la idea de una familia que quedaba sola en el mundo, rodeada de muerte y de un enemigo ignorado e inalcanzable.

In this way, the narrative links every-day and cokic elements.

“El Eternauta”: Argentine comic figure as a folk hero

Retrieved 11 June This proves commensurate with the class alliance movement which was proposed at the time in Argentina. There was later a third installmentnotoriously infamous for lack of endorsement by the original authors, with Oesterheld being already dead and hired writers and artists who remained anonymous at the time.

Erernauta literariness is part of what has made this a lasting story, capturing the imagination of readers, writers, and artists for over fifty years. Read Part II here. It isn’t the red-scare propaganda; neither is it anti-capitalism propaganda.

This version featured artwork by Alberto Brecciawho drew the story in an experimental and unique style diverging from the original expression. In this case, the aliens attack Buenos Aires. Besides Argentina, the last original edition is available in Spain too. Comics publications Comic book limited series Post-apocalyptic comics Alien invasions in comics Argentine comics titles Self-reflexive comics Fictional Argentine people Drama comics Comics about time travel Argentine comic strips comics debuts comics endings Science fiction comics Comics characters introduced in Fantagraphics Books titles.

Title pop Articles with Spanish-language external links. All of these beings are pawns, remotely controlled through implants or fear devices by the real invaders, los Ellos “Them”unseen creatures who remain hidden, controlling everything from the distance.

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