North American Ecology (US and Canada). Erionota thrax is a year-round resident in the Hawaiian islands, where it was introduced from Guam in Aug. Erionota t. thrax (Linnaeus, ) (Banana Skipper). Pinned Specimens photo collection: Distribution and Larval Foodplants: Introduced to Hawaii. Synonymy. Butterflies of America. visitors. top. updated on Species Erionota thrax. Erionota thrax thrax (Linnaeus, ) Banana Skipper Introduced to Hawaii.

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Tyo ta Ga, 21 They are laid singly on the undersides of leaves, but a number of eggs may be deposited on the same leaf.

Assumed reason for introduction. With the head up, it anchors its abdomen thrxa the cremaster in strong spun threads; the case becomes less accessible from the underside, where larval droppings accumulate. Leaf roll opened to show almost full-grown larva of E. European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization. Crop pests and their management in Malaysia. Hence records of natural enemies of E. Biological Control There have been several programmes of biological control against E.

The pest status of E. Even with lighter infestation, the leaves of the banana tree become useless as wrapping material.

Erionota thrax – Wikipedia

The older larvae remain close to the top of the case to prevent rain water entering. The banana skipper butterfly spreads as eggs on leaves of banana plants used as planting material, and, possibly, longer distances in vehicles, boats and planes.


Biological Control There have been several programmes of biological control against E. When the incised part of the leaf becomes too dry for food, the larva leaves the case and makes a new and bigger one in another part of the same leaf. The life history has been described by several authors, but often older observations are copied and not all information in the literature is authentic. The species is common on the plains in Peninsular Malaysia as is E.

Pupal parasites in Indonesia include Brachymeria euploeaeXanthopimpla sp.

Introductions for biological control in Hawaii, There are numerous natural enemies in the indigenous range of E. The pest status of E. De Jong and Treadaway provided more detailed information on the distribution in the Philippines, and showed that in northern Luzon there is a fourth subspecies, E. Externally, Erionota acroleucus and E.

Larval parasites in Indonesia include Cotesia erionotaeElasmus brevicornis and Elasmus philippinensis Dammerman, ; Kalshoven, The males of the first two species are further characterized by a well-defined, white apex to the forewing, on the upper side. The Butterflies of the Malay Peninsula.

Erionota thrax – Palm Redeye – Butterflies of India

Heavy infestations can lead to complete defoliation of banana trees, but such outbreaks are sporadic. Larva The larva has not been described in detail.

Growth Stages Top of page Flowering stage, Vegetative growing stage. Title Adult male, underside Caption Erionota thrax palm redeye, banana skipper, banana leafroller ; adult male, underside.

Common Name

Contact us to obtain large data downloads and access to bulk information from these websites for collaborative basic science and conservation research projects, or other purposes. Hesperiidae in Papua New Guinea. This is Hong Kong: The Hesperiidae Lepidoptera of the Philippines.


According to Corbet and Pendlebury the very similar Erionota torus has the same life history, and some of the records in the literature may relate to this species. This powder is a waste product of larval erionnota which protects the larvae from rain water such waxy cover is common among skippers.

Heavily damaged or defoliated trees are less suitable for vegetative multiplication. An attack can be detected at a very early stage as the larvae start making the rolls shortly after hatching from the egg. Hostplants of the moth and butterfly caterpillars of the Oriental region.

The Bombay Natural History Society. Go to distribution map Biology and Ecology Top of page All information on the life history relates to specimens found on banana trees. Hesperiidaea new record to Andaman Islands. Trustees of the British Museum.

Maruyama, ; Waterhouse, Zoologische Verhandelingen Leiden No. Look for the eriionota leaf rolls, up to 15 cm long, made by the caterpillars. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. There are numerous natural enemies in the indigenous range of E.

The larvae feed on the leaves of Musa turax, especially Musa textilis. Haribal listed E.