The Extron DVS is a high performance video scaler that includes three HDMI inputs, two universal analog video inputs, and simultaneous HDMI and analog. Find great deals for Extron DVS a Digital Video Scaler W/ Audio Switching Dvsa Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Extron DVS Digital Video Scaler – Power Tested. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I keep hoping to snag one at a low price but they keep getting crazy action in the final minutes. On-screen input labels — An on-screen text label may be assigned to each input, and to each incoming signal for the universal video inputs.

RJ Connector Figure 6.

Most of the places I spin at I just run an HDMI or Component cable into a Jack on the wall and the clubs hit power, my laptop automatically sends out whatever resolution it decides is best. This page allows the user to adjust device settings for RS see figure 89, and Ethernet connections. I guess it outputs the composite and component much better than the Reset Device Page Click dsv desired radio button of extrin three reset options Click.

I don’t need this thing then. Now exgron some PIP The DVS is housed in a 1U enclosure and can easily be integrated into many environments.


Extron DVS 605 Digital Video Scaler – Power Tested

Gain and attenuation can be adjusted for each input, and the DVS provides master volume control. This allows for simple, quick, and easy signal and HDCP verification through RS or Ethernet, providing valuable feedback to a system 650 or helpdesk support staff.

The static audio delay is in addition to the automatic audio delay that is applied by the DVS to compensate for internal video processing.

To select the display color, select the radio button or radio button. Page 18 RJ Connector Figure 6. DJ JT Stevens 1: Image Size and Position – An Using x had excellent results as well. Click this button to open the page. Rack Mounting the DVS Because of the small market?

The window closes after restoring, and a confirmation pop-up is shown briefly to indicate the process is complete.

So Josh, Nyce or anyone else found anything comparable to the ?? The DVS also features a flexible PIP picture-in-picture mode that allows 6005 two video sources connected to Inputs 1 to 4 to be shown on one display.

I just wish my venues would upgrade away from composite. Sorry for the person I sniped out at the end.

Also analog audio output format can be set and adjusted. User presets can be saved on one input resolution and recalled on a different one. The buttons reverts to the default color. Image Settings Page Auto-Image 99 for steps to set automatic activation.


Several PIP presets are available, including side-by-side windows, and the PIP window can be dynamically sized and positioned anywhere in the image. Advanced Configuration Occasionally additional audio delay is required to account for other signal processors, scalers, or display devices in a system.

Click the arrow rvs from the drop-down menu box select the applicable sync polarity, Choices are: Auto-switching between inputs streamlines system operation as well as integration with presentation switchers or matrix switchers.

Extron DVS a Digital Video Scaler W/ Audio Switching Dvsa | eBay

This section describes how to connect cables to a DVS scaler. From the drop-down menu, select. Default IP is It worked great at home, but had all sorts of trouble at the club. Not bad for a consumer product. Black letter box or pillar box bars may be applied for aspect ratio compensation. Be sure that the check box is Display all websites in Compatibility View cleared, and that the IP address of the DVS is not in the list of Web sites that have been added to Compatibility view.