Cuba’s revolutionary leader Fidel Castro has died aged To celebrate the life of this remarkable figure in history, we present a selection from. On trial in Santiago for leading a bloody assault on the city’s Moncada garrison, young revolutionary leader Fidel Castro uttered a phrase in court that would. Fidel Castro: “History Will Absolve Me”. Excerpts from his own defense, delivered at his trial, October Fidel Castro in ; We have fomented a rebellion.

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History Will Absolve Me – Wikipedia

Its population is largely rural. Leaving aside the problem of integral changes in the social system, not even on the surface of the public quagmire were we able to discern the slightest motion that could lessen the rampant putrefaction. Kill, soldier, oppress the people, die for the regime, give your sweat and blood Ninety per cent of the children in the countryside are consumed by parasites which filter through their bare feet from the ground they walk on.

Remember that this was during a period in which individual rights were suspended and the Public Order Act as well as censorship of radio and press were in full force. After he had fallen to the ground, they riddled him with bullets. So the fear absolvee had experienced upon our attack at daybreak was dissipated in a feast of corpses, in a drunken orgy of blood. We export sugar to import candy, we export hides to import shoes, we export iron to import plows How then can I suppose that he lacks reason with which histoy defend it, at least for fifteen minutes, however contemptible that might be to any decent person?

Those who have never experienced similar moments will never know that kind of bitterness and indignation. In stating a purpose, the first condition of sincerity and good faith, is to do precisely what nobody else ever does, that is, to speak with absolute clarity, without fear.

Such limit is the infinite love for the homeland and its glory, a love that never falters, loses hope nor grows dim. This country blindly believed that such a past could not return; the people were proud of their love of liberty and they carried their heads high in the conviction that liberty would be respected as a sacred right; they felt confident that no one would dare commit the crime of violating their democratic institutions.


For single memory, a single spirit, a single idea, a single conscience, a single dignity will sustain them all. The words “history will absolve me” are the concluding lines of his statement to the court. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

History Will Absolve Me

But if blind to this sad truth, a minority of soldiers had decided to fight the people, the people who were going to liberate them from tyranny, victory still would have gone to the people. The Honorable Prosecutor was very interested in knowing our chances for success. And if this is the savings of a Major, imagine how much generals have saved!

Had we had hand grenades, the Army would not have been able to resist us for fifteen minutes. The speech provides history and the ideals of a nation wanting change. Let the Apostle speak for me: Once upon a tim Long live Fidel! Related topics Fidel Castro. You impri “When you try a defendant for robbery, Honorable Judges, do you wikl him how long he has been unemployed?

If men like these had not partially saved the name of the Armed Forces, it would be more honorable today to wear a dishrag than to wear an Army uniform. Skip to main content. Posada who bravely told them they could enter only over his dead body.

My Star location Select Location. In Oriente, the largest province, the lands of the United Fruit Company and the West Indian Company link the northern and southern coasts.

The use of nuclear energy in this field is now a reality and will greatly reduce the cost of producing electricity. Never forget that this province, which has a million and a half inhabitants today, is the most rebellious and patriotic in Cuba. Yet, in spite of the repeated orders from the Court, I was never again brought to the hearings.

I ask that my right to express myself be respected without restraint.


Sign up here for discounts and quicker purchasing. He was a generous and competent man who would have given the same devoted care to the wounded adversary as to a friend. I have a right to express an opinion about the Armed Forces because I defended them when everyone else was silent. If you sincerely believed this, you should not have allowed your authority to be stained and degraded. They owe their lives to Captain Tamayo, an Army doctor and true soldier of honor who, pistol in hand, wrenched them out of the hands of their merciless captors and transferred them to the Civilian Hospital.

History Will Absolve Me

Leaving the matter to their own consciences, I told them only: Since the scheme failed as a result of timely exposure by ever alert friends, and after the first affidavit was shown to be false, the regime could only keep me away from the trial by open and shameless contempt of Court.

One of our men, while he was digging, wheeled around and slashed the face of one of his assassins with his pick. We, gentlemen, to tell the truth, do not even know what to charge. But that didn’t satisfy him. Open Preview See a Problem? The politicians spend millions buying off consciences, whereas a handful of Cubans who wanted to save their country’s honor had to face death barehanded for lack of funds. At the close of my testimony in that first session, I asked the Court to allow me to leave the dock and sit among the counsel for the defense.

Let him not pretend, at a later date, that the soldiers were acting without direct orders from him! It does not matter. In those days, the newspaper Alerta was one of the most widely read because of its position on national political matters. Touch my heart with your cold hands!