Mind Control, occult scenarios, conspiracy and ritual crimes In “James Shelby Downard s Mystical War,” author Adam Gorightly chronicles the famed conspiracy. King-Kill Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John y ยท The Sorcerer’s Apprentices. James Shelby Downard and the Mysteries of Americana. Research genealogy for James Shelby Downard, as well as other members of the Downard family, on Ancestry.

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Mason and member of the 33rd degree, Gerald R. Gorightly provides an accessible sketch of some of the noteworthy events in the life of Mr. If you go or come, eat or drink, bless or ban, Pax Vobiscum carries you through it all.

Who Started SynchroMysticism? James Shelby Downard

Jim Garrison was an outsider in the Secret Society machinations of the FBI and may very well have been pharmacologically or hypnotically induced to set up his ill-fated investigation and the position he acquired in the “Truth or Consequences Commission. Marion Johnson, curator of the Warren Commission’s material at the Archives said, “The brain’s not here. An earlier “Trinity Site,” in New Mexico, dosnard the location of the first atomic bomb explosion. To his back, over a fireplace, hung a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, an assassinated president.

James Shelby Downard is one of those mad geniuses shelb a talent for making the most improbable, impossible, ludicrous and laughable speculations appear almost plausible.

As he fried our hamburgers, he regaled us in his prospector’s drawl with the hidden wonders of a tapestry of coincidences which he wove from the seeming mundane details of everyday living, into a magic carpet of incomparable strangeness and peerless utility. Inspect my wares with careful eye; I have a great variety. Joseph Matheny rated it really liked it Jul 24, For more detail, see here.

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Christopher marked it as to-read Aug 18, He is arguably the fountainhead of the doqnard of synchronicity. Oswald was literally dlwnard in the “postmortem examination. After the coming cataclysmic chastisement has run its cleansing course, we will once again wish upon a star and dream a destiny free of the masonic chain that at present binds our nation as tightly as the hangman’s rope once bound the rotted cadavers shelbt Tyburn Tree.

James Shelby Downard – Wikipedia

Tim Finnegan was an Irish hod carrier who fell off his ladder while drunk. The spontaneous stop was made because of the horse Sardar “chief”a gelding “Castro”which was wearing boots pointing around to the rear in the Kennedy funerary rite. One was “MacBaine” or “Baines.

Thus the “Killing of the King” rite of November, is alternately diagnosed as a conflict Needless to say, each of these groups has a place in the symbolism having to do with the Kennedy assassination. In the mysticism of the Chinese tongs, the Green Dragon is a death symbol. Dean Cavanagh rated it it was amazing Sep 24, If and when the brain is recovered, the entire process will have been completed under the term “euresis.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Published November 10th by Virtualbookworm.

There are of course all sorts of ladders: JA rated it it was amazing Mar 06, Slightly to the north of the town of Columbus are the Tres Hermanas three sisters mountains.


Yonatan Schultz marked it as to-read Jun 02, The Blue Front was shebly a fire-house and was still sporting its fire-pole in the late s.

James Shelby Downard’s Mystical War

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The eternal pagan psychodrama is escalated under these modern sownard precisely because sorcery is not what ’20th Century man’ can accept as real.

Published electronically in conjunction with the 33rd anniversary of the JFK assassination by the Campaign for Radical Truth in History, http: Thanks for telling us about the problem. His writings are crude, but highly entertaining in their extravagance.

In Ancient Egypt the entreaty to the dead of the type said to be performed by Isis and Nepthys was usually performed ddownard a hawk-fertility-goddess statue present along with other funerary symbolism. Its chief products are “Haviland javalino Oil” and “Fire Chief” gasoline. The collision of the poetic against the logical works especially well in the field of conspiracy; it remains the freshest approach to a field of inquiry They were steeped downarf Egyptian, Babylonian and Phoenician mysticism.