I should write a short article for beginners to quickly configure an SRX firewall. When you login to a Junos device, you might also see the prompt % which is. All information provided in this guide is provided “as is,” with all faults, and without warranty of any kind, SRX Series Configuration Using Junos Automation. . Attach the redirecting firewall-filter to the physical interface attached to the User. The first configuration is often associated with default firewall behavior. Juniper Networks SRX Services Gateway, SRX Services Gateway, and SRX

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We will create one address book entry for our internal network block You have a feedback? We want mail traffic to flow in and out of two security zones, untrust and trust.

Configure Firewall Rule in Juniper SRX

You can do usual source nat and set source-nat to interface yuide it should work. Here is how we configure source nat in SRX:. Your answer is in this forum Nikhi.

Would you please enlighten on that?

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SRX firewall inspects each packets passing through the device. Elements of Juniper firewall rules are: Is there a need to assign vlan to srx internal interface? To match source and destination IP address in the firewall rule we need to create an address book.

So we have to be in, [edit security policies from zone Untrust-Zone to-zone Trust-Zone] hierarchy. I was thinking if I should write a short article for beginners to quickly configure an SRX firewall. Our topology in this tutorial is below; We will configure the followings from scratch: As you can see source NAT is also a context based configuration. Quickly, I can show you how to switch between these modes with an example: Latest posts by Bipin see all.


Hi, Perfect documentation for starters with SRX. I will suggest checking the default gateway on the switch and make sure it point to the router. We need to create firewall rule for traffic coming from Untrust-Zone to Trust-Zone.

Firewall rules or also called security policies are methods of filtering and logging traffic in the network. To better understand the address book concept on SRX, you can take a look at my other post about address books once you finish this post.

Similarly, firwall can create firewall rule to pass any traffic from Trust-Zone to Untrust-Zone. Quickly, I can show you how to switch between these modes with an example:. What do you think about the web interface configuration? Here, I will use command line to demonstrate firewall rule creation.

Configure Firewall Rule in Juniper SRX

You can type show command to view the configuration for Trust-Zone till now. To create address type following command in [edit security zones security-zone Trust-Zone] hierarchy.

Anyway — thanks for the comment — would be nice to add this to the overview above. Could you help me out? Since the traffic is fieewall from Untrust-Zone we need to match any source-addres and destination-address of MailServer then specify the condition. I am using VMware workstation, i dont know if it has something to do with my network adapters, i am using them as bridged to my physical network.


A security policy is created within a context. Thank you for the post. The following two tabs change content below.

CCIE Blog » Blog Archive » Basic Juniper SRX Setup

Hello Kenneth, I think the srx has the capability to also act as a switch beside the routing. We want users from Internet to be able to access the Mail Server. In this way you can configure firewall rule in Juniper SRX firewall.

Commit is required to save and activate your changes. Some of his certifications are, MCSE: In that case, of PPPoE, is it necessary to commit this as different interface?

First a bit of information for the SRX novice. Before configuring firewall rules, there are some basic terminologies that are necessary to understand. SRX is a zone based firewall hence you have to assign each configurtion to a zone to be able to pass traffic through and into it. We have a scenario as shown in the diagram below. Once we commit the changes, we should see the new hostname srx in the prompt.

Make sure it is on the same subnet with the srx.

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