Kalymnos is one of the most popular sport climbing destinations in the world. Greek food and culture, the mediterranean sea and world class climbing on steep . Simon Montmory is a certified climbing guide (French National Diploma) living on the island of Kalymnos, the world famous climber’s paradise. He provides. 9 Sep Kalymnos Climbing Guide. 1 review. Simon Montmory is a certified climbing instructor (French National Diploma), passionate climber and route.

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Kalymnos Climbing Guide: 5 days courses, private coaching, multi-pitch

At 38 Euros it is not cheap but well worth the outlay. Show 10 More Photos. October 28, at Kneebar pads This place is kneebar heaven. Its probably just chatter but some locals were worried that some commodities would skyrocket due to levies imposed along with the much talked about austerity cuts. Some operators are already enforcing this they have insurance problems if they don’t.

Kalymnos Climbing Guide

Full climbing guide on rebranded site. Just wanted to pass along that little bit of info but I’m happy to answer any other specific questions about our stay here too. Looking to travel early November. Keegan Dimmick Winchester, VA. During the course Simon identified my skill Aris, hi from Carlo. It is cheap and allows you access to many places to climb that most people don’t get to.


Remember also that Kalymnos is no longer just the May and October venue we used think it was.

Kalymnos, Sport climbing | theCrag

The Grande Grotta is spectacular! Jack Keogan I bought your guidebook before going out last year and thought it was one of the best climbing guides I have ever used. May 15, Beta: Nice job on the guide book.

Kalymnos Guidebook Buy it now! Tourism is basically over for all the climbig except Kalymnos Central and South America. If my experience is instructive, I’d say that there is no better time to go to Kalymnos. Is this place or activity closed during certain parts of the year?

Kkalymnos Apr 27, Beta: The edition of the Kalymnnos guidebook is clearly an exception to this rule and without doubt the best guidebook I have ever used As a guide writer myself I am amazed at how Aris has found the time and energy to keep track of the furious pace of development and constantly improve the guidebook product.

Besides all the route information, 27 Crags. Food Beta [Updated ] There are many places to eat in Massouri, some better than others but all are worth trying. Click here to cancel reply.

November 1, at Simon showed up right on time at at the Philoxnia Hotel to take myself, my 26 year old daughter and European Rock Climbing Guidebooks. Map Kalymnos map World map. For all the information you need to get to Kalymnos and have a great time, see the ClimbKalymnos.



Although the climbing on Kalymnos is world kalymnnos for it’s super steep walls and unbelievable caves littered with insane stalactites, tufa’s and tufa-blobs, there is much more to find on this Island. Keegan, My wife and I went there in September of 07 for our 1 year anniversary.

Jul 10, Beta: We took a ferry from Pothia the main port for Athens and stayed at the Melinda’s Apartments. You may also be interested in the following product s Kalymnos Walking Map [ October 19, at The dominant reason that people do not climb as much in the winter is simply because the tourism season has died and many of the amenities in Massouri have shut down about Nov 1st and less direct flights are available from the rest of Europe.

Neither Climb Europe Limited nor the authors and editor of this web site accept any liability whatsoever for injury or damage caused to or by climbers, third parties, or property, arising from information gained from the web site.

Kalymnos is an incredibly place to climb and we’ll return soon.