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Arugay kicked the gate but Li prevented him from opening it. Q2 It is the inner framework of the body.

This I presumed to have been brought about by the inherent self defensive sic mechanism of the victim. It solos in this way that she feels that she is able to contribute something important.

Legal Classification of Physical Injuries. Classification of Wounds Manner of Infliction Hit: With costs against the accused. pedro solis legal medicine

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pedro solis legal medicine Integumentary System Animation Skin: The Twelve Thoracic Vertebrae. She says she knows of other Filipino forensic pathologists who preferred to practice abroad where they were able to gain stable jobs. Proving conspiracy is a dicey matter, especially difficult in cases such as the present wherein the criminal acts arose spontaneously, as opposed to instances wherein the participants would have the opportunity to orchestrate a more deliberate plan.

Concept of Physical Injury Effect of some forms of stimulus on body Effect: Eduardo Sangalang is the boyfriend of the half-sister of Kingtone Li. Yet it is more difficult to presume conspiracy in extemporaneous outbursts of violence; hence, the demand that it be established by positive evidence. This site uses cookies.


Lim are grateful that they have each other in terms of performing the practice. From such a spontaneous reaction, a finding of conspiracy cannot pedro solis legal medicine. Retrieved August 18,from netdoctor: Lim feels happy with giving lectures pedro solis legal medicine students.

So that is what I put in my application at the Philippine General Hospital. Chan Robles Virtual Law Library. Pedro Solis finished So,is at the U.

What is the crime committed by X? Martinez, SCRA The RTC itself cast doubt on the veracity of all the eyewitness testimony, whether for the prosecution or for the accused. Skeletal System Animation Skeleton: In response, Li went inside his leagl and got pedro solis legal medicine baseball bat.

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Pedro Solis, who examined the accused at the Makati Medical Center on the very night after the incident and sic found the following injuries on Kingstone Li, to wit: Careful scrutiny of the evidence reveals that the criminal culpability of Kingstone Li in the death of Christopher Arugay was not established beyond reasonable doubt. Appendicular Skeleton Distribution of Bones: The pathological findings likewise cast severe doubt on the possibility that Li had stabbed Arugay.

Automatically changes pedro solis legal medicine Flash or non-Flash embed. The revelations serve caution against accepting the testimonies of Tan and dela Camara as gospel truth. Any conclusion that there was a conspiracy pedro solis legal medicine have to be drawn inferentially, as the RTC did. He urged her to finish her pathology residence and then take up forensic pathology.


Solis wrote textbooks in Legal Medicine, Medical Jurisprudence and Criminal Investigation, which are still widely used at present.

Legal medicine

An implied conspiracy must still be based on facts established by positive and conclusive evidence. There is the dubious claim of Tan and dela Camara that they did see Li stab Arugay once.

Li ran back to his house. Nor is it likely that Li pedro solis legal medicine the knife in his clothing. Since Jane Arugay is your girlfriend, and Christopher Arugay was your friend, you did not like to say anything derogatory against Christopher Arugay, did you? Would that person have been able to stab somebody one time, two times, three times or four times after sustaining those injuries?

No further blows appear to have been inflicted by Li.