பெருமாள் திருமொழி | Perumal Thirumozhi (Tamil Commentary) is available for purchase in increments of 1. Reward Points Purchasing this. Perumal Thirumozhi Ullurai – Book in Tamil by Sri P B Annangarachariar Swami. silai sEr nudhaliyar VEL sEralar kon * engkal. kulasEkaran enRE KURU. maNakkAl nambi aruLich seydhadhu. Aram kedap paran anbar koLLAr enRu *.

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Tears roll from the eyes of the devotees who hear the stories of the Lord who felled seven bulls to wed Nappinnai as Krishnawho used His tusks to save mother earth as Varahawho vanquished Ravana as Rama and who measured the three worlds as Trivikrama. He wants to join devotees and lose himself in Darshan of the Lord with tears of joy flowing in his eyes, his mind melting in devotion tbirumozhi the Lord etc.

While I lay on our sweet smelling bed, you spent the tamiil and the next day too in the company of girls.

Perumal Thirumozhi | Divya Prabandham

He Rama now looks like someone else. Be careful while making commitments.

The door step in Vishnu temples is called as Kulasekaran Padi! What we do know is the intensity of his devotion which shows up in every single verse of his.

The black gem of Tirukannapuram! You will be faithful to peeumal of them! My heart is perimal to the devotees who sing ecstatically of Lord Ranganatha who slumbers on the ocean, who wears a fragrant garland on which bees buzz drunk with honey, on whose chest Lakshmi resides and whose eyes are shaped like red flower buds.


Oh Lord who has manifested in the Thiru Vithuvakodu temple surrounded by fragrant gardens!

If God wills, perhaps I can see it in person very soon! I have surely sinned. The left over Tirtham — holy taamil in the vessels, which is said to be from the Pooja performed by the Celestials is distributed to the devotees visiting the temple in the morning.

As you become older, you are becoming more and more thirumozhl Thanks to their daughters, both Periyalwar and Kulasekara Alwar got a worthy son-in-law.

Dasaratha did not realize the consequence of it. All things, even Avataras, have to come to an end. The husband of Mythili Sita is from Mithila and is hence, also called as Mythili.

I praise those who sing about the Lord of Chitrakootam. It is the only prasadam thirumozh is taken inside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple! It is sage Agasthya who advises Rama to establish his cottage in Panchavati.


There comes a moment peerumal life when we realize we are on the wrong path. Instead of me, the divine lady — Yashoda enjoys looking at the curly locks of hair falling over your forehead, you putting your fingers in your mouth, you frowning in anger and your lisping speech.

I am alive only in the hope that I will see you someday. These are soaked in devotion and shows the utter helplessness of Alvar who is dependent on Thirumpzhi Mercy for existence. Upon seeing her disheveled hair, the beads of perspiration that roll down her face and her trembling lips, I know what you were really up to! Tags Kulasekara PadiPerumal Thirumozhi.


He does not wish to speak on this and calling O Thirumkzhi, O protector he has become a spirit immersed in Bhakti to the Lord. When will I get to see him?

This is similar to the story of Samrat Ashoka embracing Buddhism after the Kalinga war. Those who feast their eyes on Thillai Chitrakootam will find even the heavens to be a disappointment! Those who recite these verses are sure to find sanctuary in the feet of the Lord. King was very fond of them the ministers did not like this. The Lord resides in Srirangam facing south so that the celestial beings and mankind survive, to dispel sorrow and dissolve sins.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Even more famous than Ganga is Tirukannapuram where you reside!

How could you walk to the forest accompanied by my daughter-in-law who has spear shaped eyes and your younger brother?