30 Nov The PNDC law , is a Ghanaian law, which was passed in and amended in It is a right to property law, which protects the spouse. 27 Apr Nkwanta (V/R), April 27, GNA-The Intestate Succession Law (PNDC Law ) has largely succeeded in bringing justice to many surviving. 25 Aug Kumasi — The much-touted Intestate Succession Law, PNDC Law of , has come under sharp criticism because it has drastically.

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Samuel Pndcc 29 November, If she takes them to court to claim her property rights, she would be seen to be doing exactly that.

Mohammed Abbas, a social worker in Kumasi has pointed out. Mr Amanoipo said it was essential that bereaved oaw secured “Letters of Administration” for the one to distribute the property of their deceased relatives. Please complete the required fields. Please login to continue. So I said to myself, how helpful is this to the people.

Each choice made by the widow has consequences. Thus way, they walk into any decisions they take fully aware. Mrs Rawlings also urged the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Information Services Department, Ghana Education Services, Parliamentarians, Politicians and especially, the media to work to continually educate the Ghanaian populace on the final details of the law.

Information Services Department P. Email Required Please enter your email. B Asante, Traditional Leader and Paramount Chief of Asokore Asante, recounting his experience over the 30 year period, said the institution of the intestate succession law was informed by lndc fact that customary laws make inadequate provision for the wife and children of a man particularly in a matrilineal society.


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Doreen Anene 29 November, Constitutions and legislative reform Social protection. Is this law existent and or practiced in your country?


A brother of the deceased man has a right to inherit the widow and all property of the deceased man. Explaining how the plural legal system had come as a challenge in Lww marriages, Abbas said before Law was enacted, the only way a Moslem could have Islamic law to apply as his personal law in matters of inheritance to property was to get married under CAP According to him, the millions of marriages and pncc that have been celebrated or performed in Ghana in accordance with Islamic procedure and rites are not valid, because they are not registered under CAPsince the legislation which dealt with the devolution of property of a Moslem who died intestate has been repealed by Law The stipulated fines should be reviewed to ensure that they can still serve as deterrents today.

However, the challenge with the implementation of such laws is that ignorance on the part of the victims. In addition, a special type of court should be created where such cases would be arbitrated speedily so as to protect women.

Hello from Nigeria, Going by when this law was passed, it was quite pioneering. Also, with the widow being able to access her late husband’s properties, she will be able to use invest in profitable ventures that will benefit the society and not be a liability to anybody. What tradition and cultural norms are contending with this law He la although the law attempts to make adequate provision for the spouse and children of lw deceased and rectify the inequities of our customary law of succession, it was floored on several grounds either in the substance or implementation of the law which must lzw critically reviewed.


They are afraid of physical and emotional abuse, and being neglected by in-laws means that many do not challenge the traditional practice.

So far as CAP is concerned, any Islamic marriage or divorce is not regarded as such, unless it has been registered in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

My suggestion will be to create awareness and explain the law to these widowed women so that they are sure of the choices they will make and also assure them of societal support to get their right if they speak out and speak up.

Currently, he said, the Moslem cannot under any circumstance have Islamic law as a personal law with regard to inheritance to his property. This article has 6 comment sgive your comment. Use your social media or lzw your email. Submit Not a member Register.

Intestate Succession Law, (PNDCL ).

It applies to self-acquired property after which has been bought, inherited or would have been inherited, gifts or awards. She advised the National Commission for Civic Education NCCE to continually propagate succession issues and laa other laws that come out from parliament. Mr Amanoipo however, stressed the need for families of the deceased to be united in securing that document. Username Password Remember Me Log in.