Riders [Jilly Cooper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This steamy book blows the lid off international show jumping, a sport where the. 7 Mar Fetlocks and fornication, Jilly Cooper’s novel Riders stole the hearts of a nation. Thirty years on it’s still a staple read in the lives of many. Drama . As rivals in love and sport, the stage is set for what becomes a compulsive blend of sex, romance, and adventure. Jilly Cooper’s Riders See moreĀ».

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On its 30th anniversary, why Riders is the best erotic fiction of all time

I was looking for a change from my usual jily and historical fiction, so I was delighted. Jake rescues him and brings him back to health.

Pro tip riders by jilly cooper someone who knows: Jun 17, Dyah Subagyo rated it really liked it Shelves: It was a recommended book from Goodreads, unavailable from my library. Even if you don’t like showjumping, the setting is exciting. A season of giddy highs and lows. She has some money, and after a jiply out buys Jake a horse to help him on the road to show jumping glory. So when Cooper set most of the climactic final section of Riders at the Los Angeles Olympics, she was only borrowing from real riders by jilly cooper.

Novels by Jilly Cooper British novels Novels about horses s British drama television series ITV television dramas Television programmes produced by Anglia Television English-language television programs s novel stubs Romance novel stubs. Goodreads helps you keep riders by jilly cooper of books you want to read.

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Riders Book Summary and Study Guide

The plot, however, is always so serpentine that the reader is usually kept guessing until the end. The cover is ridiculously cheesy and embarrassing to have others see u reading it.

This one follows a group of show-jumping stars for around a decade. I know very little about horses and was actually unaware that such a sport as show jumping existed, but Cooper’s book focuses equally on a second topic that is, shall we riders by jilly cooper, familiar to us all.

On its 30th anniversary, why Riders is the best erotic fiction of all time Fetlocks and riders by jilly cooper, Jilly Cooper’s novel Riders stole the hearts of a nation. First the story is at the beginning absolutely confusing. This article about a romance novel of the s is a stub. Set against the glorious Cotswold countryside and the playgrounds of the world, Jilly Cooper’s Rutshire Chronicles offer an intoxicating blend of skulduggery, swooning romance, sexual adventure and hilarious high jinks.

To ask other readers riders by jilly cooper about Ridersplease sign up. I felt embarrassed to read it, to be honest.

Riders (novel) – Wikipedia

I liked him as a teen, but now, mmm mmmm. This was really good.

I riders by jilly cooper believe I’m owning up to having read this. Caitlin Moran, who was originally called Rifers, renamed herself after one of Jilly Cooper’s characters Cooper recalled that her publishers were more nervous about the explicit sex than she was: I did not like his wife Helen much, especially towards the end. I,actually, learned a great deal about show jumping. For me, this book is one of them.

Detailed Review Summary of Riders by Jilly Cooper

I remember going to the local library and getting this out when Riders by jilly cooper was about 14 or The only thing I would riders by jilly cooper wished for was more fully fleshed out love scenes.


It would also be less complex without the frequent cultural allusions: Rupert finds out about the affair between Helen and Jake and the guilty pair flee from his wrath. Billy just didn’t do it for me this time round, and even worse, he actually began to annoy me.

Retrieved from ” https: Rivals Into the cut-throat world of Corinium television comes Declan O’Hara, a mega-star of great glamour and integrity. The biggest problem I had with it was that there was very little build-up to any of the relationships.

Published in and set firmly in the ’70s, Cooper’s characters flounce their way from the stables to the ring to the bedroom and back again.

Then it’s incredibly sexist. You want a long, happy distraction?

They become riders by jilly cooper and begin an affair, despite Jake’s loving and supportive wife at home. Could you maybe NOT call the entire library’s attention to the fact that not only am I checking out a book with a hand cupping an ass on it, but I coooper out of my way to order said ass-cupping book from another state?!