16 Oct As Penguin releases a 25th anniversary edition of The Great Indian Novel, its author and MP Shashi Tharoor tells the BBC why it would be. The Great Indian Novel [Shashi Tharoor, Shashi Tharoor] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Great Indian Novel takes its title not from. The Great Indian Novel [Shashi Tharoor] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ved Vyas, India’s oldest surviving politician from the days of Raj, .

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Keep your intentions to yourself Don’t reveal them on your face; Purchase silence with your pelf And pack a knife in case. It was fun to find out which personality thqroor character represents. Democracy, Ganpathi, is perhaps the most arrogant of all forms of government, because only democrats presume to represent an entire people: Kunti sees Karna and realises that he is her firstborn son.

Aug 13, Hari Donthi rated it did not like it.

Why Shashi Tharoor’s Great Indian Novel still appeals

However it is a work of creative genius and I have to give Tharoor credit for the same. Being a romantic it was tough for me to digest the author’s brutal and truthful treatment of certain characters. Counterpart to the Mahabharata ‘ s “Book of Virata. Book eight begins with Priya Duryodhani and noevl five Pandavas. By the way, who do you think would be Dhritarashtra fharoor Pandu in this book?

I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to read.

The Great Indian Novel – Wikipedia

A significant characteristic of Tharoor’s version of the story is the emphasis on the older generations e. In the midst of all the tragedy and violence, the author has a knack for silly puns and a bit of parody. In this widely acclaimed novel, Shashi Tharoor has masterfully recast the two-thousand-year-old epic “The Mahabharata” with fictionalized – but highly recognizable – greay and characters from twentieth-century Indian politics.


Here are two from the page I have open in front of me. Subash Bose was Pandu.

Priya Duryodhani enters the conflict on the side of the Gelabins and the Gelabi Desh War results in the creation of a new nation-state. Ashwathaman joins the Pandavas as the students shshi Drona in the military, terroristic, and nationalistic arts.

Jarasandha Khan, the military dictator ruling Karnistan, decides to call elections.

Forster ‘s A Passage to India. United Provinces of Agra and Oudh. I didn’t see any further point to continue the discussion. Yudhishtir dispatches Sahadev to tell Drona that Ashwathaman’s plane has crashed. Bhim saves a beautiful girl from her abusive brother, Hidimba “a large man with a small goatee”and weds. When asked Yudhishtir confirms that “Ashwathaman is dead” and Drona dies without throwing support to Yudhishtir’s opponents in the People’s Front.

In book two, Vyas talks about Sir Richard, who lives at Hastinapur.

Pandu leaves the Kaurava Indisn. Barring certain parallels that feel forced, and some tedious philosophical discourse, this book is an enjoyable read, especially for those who have read their Mahabharata and know the modern political history of India.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Dhritarashtra and the Kauravas agree that India will be partitioned. Sardar Baldev SinghIndia’s novwl minister. The story is the story of Mother India from around AD till aroundfrom the struggle for India’s Independence, going on to the early years of self-rule, the disillusionment with Nehruvianism, the response of various characters, the wars, the Indira Gandhi Years etc.


It was becoming draggy, unnecessarily. Priya Duryodhani is convicted of electoral misconduct. While some seem to have mistaken it for a version of Mahabharata, other have been looking for a story. View all 6 comments. From my review at SolomonSays: Indra Deva becomes a lawyer and member of the Kaurava Party. Ashwathaman is appointed head of the party organisation. Gelabin “Gelabin” is anagram of “Bengali”.

Sadly, sbashi of my acquaintances seem to know of it and that’s odd, since I teach English for a living. Meanwhile, Pandu wants to be president of the Kaurava Party, and Dhritarashtra is afraid Pandu will win the vote.

The Great Indian Novel by Shashi Tharoor

With my limited understanding of early politics of Independent India, I’m not sure how much of this is fabricated. You have to match the incident in the book with the real one.

Arjunathe third Pandava and an expert archer, who served as the most important warrior in the Pandava forces at Kurukshetra; son of Kunti and the warrior god Indra. At a critical moment, Krishna persuades Arjun that he should criticise Priya Duryodhani’s administration instead of remaining a disinterested reporter.

The Mahabharatawhich is not a novel but an epic poem, can be understood, according to Tharoor, to represent Hinduism’s greatest literary achievement and thus serves as an appropriate paradigm in which to frame a hsashi of recent Indian history.