8 May I tried to do it today, but I just couldn’t discipline myself for 10 hours. I admire Steve Vai I DO love the guitar, but damn, this is a hard workout. 8 Feb Steve Vai 10 Hour Guitar Work Out. Discuss Why wouldn’t you just buy the Guitar World back issue with Vai’s revised 30 hour workout? Top. This isue is packed with stuff from both of them but, the one thing i found really interesting was the steve Vai’s 10 hour Vai’s guitar.

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It’s a guitar magazine feature, amassing various methods that he steve vai 10 hour guitar workout and believes in — but not a verbatim document. Andrew Cockburn View Member Profile. Then, I happened to catch myself in the mirror More like “here’s ten hours of shit you should try and work through once a week or so. Contact mods if you have a complaint.

Plus it comes with the obligatory warnings about overplaying. But seriously, the reason I’m so intrigued by scales is that the unique tonality of any given scale has the power to transport me. You will almost immediately find your mind drifting to other places “I need to go grocery shopping You can do it, but it doesn’t steve vai 10 hour guitar workout stick after you pass a certain threshold.

Guess that’s two reasons We like to promote discussion. You aren’t a world-class professional guitar player, so you haven’t likely spent decades building up to the degree of strength and stamina he has Pain is never ok!


Sure He does 3 one hour chord studies. Please worlout a detailed description to posts and titles. We really don’t need more shredders for the sake of shredding. Anywhere you could guitqr me to? I’m going to use the workout as a guide for what I need to learn, rather than practice for literally 10 hours. I mean, considering he also has a 30 hour guitar workout, I don’t know that they’re meant to steve vai 10 hour guitar workout done in one sitting. I agree that the focus part is the most important.


You might be confusing the two. It involved a lot of alcohol and then realizing that Hoir really wanted to be playing electric guitar instead of classical.

No doubt structured, accurate, constant practice will improve your playing but look at the picture of him at the top of the guide, does that look like a steve vai 10 hour guitar workout individual with rational practice routines? Call it amp worship. Every time your mind wanders, meditation is refocusing on being present, here and now, on whatever you are doing. Frankly, 3 hours is pushing it. Only someone who is actually clinically insane would regularly attempt the entire thing.

Shredmandan Thanks gai I’ll go and track it down Check out my Instructor profile Live long and prosper I’ve run through it a few times.

Steve Vai 10 Hour Guitar Work Out –

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About 4 or 5 hours steve vai 10 hour guitar workout core practice and 4 or 5 hours of theory, ear training, reptoire, harmony, voice leading, jam session etc HR Director walks in my office yesterday as I’m picking at my guitar. I don’t workuot how long it’s been usually. Unanswered topics Active topics. And the busy body bitch a few cubicles down would go running to my boss, claiming I’m not working.

He looks and acts crazy onstage, because he can, and steve vai 10 hour guitar workout doesn’t give a shit. Maybe he did it once or twice to completion when he was 24 in between Zappa tours but regularly?

Sure he shred your face off but he is terrible at writing songs, which is stevw to being a good well rounded musician. Play for three hours take a break. But it was absolutely intended to sell magazines and build Steve’s brand.

A Foreword:

This may be the best advice you get from this article! Take it with a grain sreve salt. I was such an emotional moment when I didn’t feel pain in my hand after playing for an hour, and by doing this everyday my stretching and velocity have been increasing. Submit a new text post.