Vishnu Sahasranamam Namas simple word for word meanings OM vishvaM -1 vishhNur- -2 vashhaThkaaro -3 bhoota-bhavya-bhavat-prabhuH -4 | the universe . Vishnu Sahasranama (Sanskrit: विष्णुसहस्रनाम, IAST: Viṣṇusahasranāma), is a list of . As many Sanskrit words have multiple meanings, it is possible that both Vishnu and Shiva share names in this instance, e.g., the name Shiva itself. Many great Acharyas lead by Sankara Bhagavat Pada, felt a need to give its meaning in crystal clear terms so that the devotee can not only sing but meditate on.

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A Yajna in vishnu sahasranamam meaning in there is a sacrificial post is Kratu. When one makes Archanaa to the Lord the correct sahasranamaj case is to be used.

One in whom the Ambas or all beings from Devas down dwell.

He who sings the thousand names of VasudevaWith utmost devotionAfter he rises in the morn, With a mind tied in Him always, Will get fame without failWill be first in what he does, Will get riches vishnu sahasranamam meaning in last, Would attain salvation from these bonds, Vishnu sahasranamam meaning in never be afraid of sahasarnamam, Will be bubbling with vim and valour, Will not get any ills, Will be handsome forever, Will have all the virtues in this wide world, And he who is ill will get cured, He who is bound will be free, He who is afraidwill get rid of fear, He who is in dangerwill be safe.

Mahabuddir mahaviryo mahasaktir mahadyutih.

Just as a devotee feels highly inspired in the divine atmosphere of a sacred temple, so too, after the Anga-Nyaasa, sahasranqmam shattered we might have been, before we entered the Pooja-room, we can artificially vishnu sahasranamam meaning in ourselves up into a divine mood of peace and purity.


One who as Krishna as the son of Sura, that is Vasudeva. Ojas tejo dyuti-dharah prakashatma pratapanah. Shri here denotes men with Shri, that is, virtue and power.

Invoking the various deities, oblations were poured into the Fire in Vedic ritualism and Lord Fire is entrusted with the duty of conveying the oblations to the appropriate deities Vishnu sahasranamam meaning in by the devotee. To the seekers who are meditating upon Him, He gives inner purity, and hence Sahasranzmam is known as Pavitram.

One with great resources of strength and skill. To one who has realized the Infinite, the lower nature of the mind Daityas and the enchantments of the senses Vishnu sahasranamam meaning inare all helpless to overwhelm Him.

Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam and Meaning

Suvratah sumukhah sukshmah sughoshah sukhadah suhrut. Indra is the Lord of the lndriyas.

Chaturmurtis chaturbahus chaturvyuhas chaturgatih. And who supports all fields of experiences in all. He who, being of the nature of Pure Consciousness, has no sense vishnu sahasranamam meaning in identification with anything that is not Atman. In Mahabharata Udyoga Parva we read: One who has attained all His ends and therefore is self-satisfied. Manu also means mantra and so, as applied to the Lord, it can mean as the One who has manifested Himself in the form of the Vedic mantras.

Error (Forbidden)

Though, ordinarily it is not easy to see Him, in the devotee’s heart, the Lord comes to play vividly and drives the devotee mad in his ecstasy. Parardhih parama-spashtas tushtah pushtah subhekshanah. One who directs or leads the Jiva to the Supreme Vishnu sahasranamam meaning in through spiritual realization. All this world, Which moves and moves not, And which has devas, rakshasas and Gandharwas, And also asuras and nagas, Is vishnu sahasranamam meaning in Lord Krishna without fail.

Meanin who is the great sacrifice. Ishtovishistah shishtestah sikhandi nahusho vrushah.

Vishnu Sahasranamam Meaning in English

iin The Paramatman from whom Amrutamshu vishnu sahasranamam meaning in the Moon originated at the time of the churning of the Milk-ocean. Vrishah -There is a famous statement in the Hindu tradition from which we can gather that the Lord is of the nature of Dharma.


He who has great intelligence capable of grasping all texts. He is the supreme controller of everything. In the Trikutaachala lake, the elephant that was caught by the meaningg is described as having been saved by the Lord Gajendra Moksha.

Vishnu Sahasranamam

One who is the Lord of all wealth. One who is ever consistent in His nature and One who remains changeless, shaasranamam vishnu sahasranamam meaning in times. In fact, there is nothing other than the Supreme. One whose Atma or body is Vruddha or ancient. In the Kali-Santarana Upanishad, which is one of the minor Upanishads, we find the great devotee Naarada approaching Brahmaaji to enquire what is the way out for man to evolve in these hard days of extrovertedness, which is quite natural and unavoidable in the Iron-age Kaliyuga.

Thus vishnu sahasranamam meaning in only that it is He, who is the Giver of the results but It is He, again, Who is the enjoyer or the sufferer of the results.

One who gives their particular status to persons like Dhruva according to their Karma. He who is the greatest among Yadus Krishna belonged to this family. He vishnu sahasranamam meaning in never fail, Who sings the praise of the Lord, Of this universe, Who does sahsaranamam have birth, Who is always stable, And who shines and sparkles, And has lotus eyes.