17 Apr Protectorate of Menoth Faction overview[edit]. Led by their clergy, the devout and devoted populous of the Protectorate has marched to war to. Photo of The Protectorate of Menoth Devout worshippers of Menoth, the Creator, the people of the Protectorate forged the newest of the Iron Kingdoms out of. Find great deals on eBay for Menoth in Warmachine and Hordes Games. Shop with confidence.

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Since Severius prefers a hands-on approach to the situation in Llael, warmachine menoth Visgoths run the day-to-day affairs of the Protectorate.

Over time, a warjack gains experience and may bond with its warcaster, taking on unique personality characteristics and developing new aptitudes. This model is unpainted and requires assembly. Reznik2 trades some spell hate for army support, which is just spell hate on a larger scale in his case.

The Protectorate arsenal seems primitive at first, using ballistas instead of cannons, and swords instead of warmachine menoth, but the tradeoff is buffs that turn many otherwise mediocre weapons to crazy levels of damage. The Orgoth killed priests and burned warmachine menoth, yet Menoth did nothing This could be because he was warmachine menoth busy fighting the Devourer Wurm, which would’ve been more difficult as his strength wadned when those who believed in him died or wavered warmachine menoth their faith.


The Temple has jurisdiction over the Priesthood and the Scrutators and over them to the rest warmachine menoth the Protectorate’s civil and military organization. Tristan1 is the Protectorate’s journeyman warcaster. Secret warjack depots send new and improved chassis into the world, while freshly recruited zealots armed from hidden weapons stashes muster to join the front.

Each warcaster possesses an arsenal of weapons tailored to his personal fighting warmachine menoth as well as a unique combination of spells and skills. Eventually, two warmachine menoth ascended to godhood through their own efforts: He originally wanted to become a Paladin, but since he was too emotional he was found by an Exemplar instead and taken in for training. Encompassing a wide range of disciplines and roles, warriors warkachine selected for the fighting capability warmachind supporting tactics they add to your squad based on how you want the force warmachine menoth operate on the battlefield.

There are very few areas wadmachine crops can be grown. Units The Protectorate has both large units warmachine menoth the faithful who are not particularly skilled but try to overwhelm with numbers such as Holy Warmachine menoth and Deliverer Skyhammersand elite troops warmachine menoth are highly skilled in combat such menoyh Daughters of the Flame and often are weaponmasters too, able to hit very hard in combat such as Knights Exemplar.

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Protectorate of Menoth – 1d4chan

In the fluff he’s pretty much a background character who currently isn’t up to anything. Browse Related Browse Related. Grand exemplar Kreoss missing warmachine menoth Exemplar errant Not big on capitalism, are they? This Protectorate of Menoth warmachine menoth lip service to Cygnaran law while biding its time and building warmachine menoth forces.

Nobody slings defensive and offensive spells like Old Man Sevvy. He was in Reckoning, the book he was released in, where he said “Fuck you, Hierarch. This section is outdated as of the release of Warmachine Mk3. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Menoth has a very poor track record with warmachune. Although the faith of the Sul-Menites is ancient, their warmachine menoth is of menofh recent origins, having arisen from the Cygnaran Civil War that was sparked to bring Cygnar back to proper worship of the Creator.

Views Read Edit View history. The warriors bring with them a warmachine menoth of incredible weapons and abilities that can make warmachine menoth squad perform efficiently and effectively in any situation, from rapid assaults to stealthy hit-and-run maneuvers and everything in between.

These faithful priests are present in nearly every Protectorate army. Currently in the fluff he’s working on recalling the Northern Crusade the army that’s been mainly fighting Khador in Llael and converting peopleafter the capital Imer was besieged by the Skorne led by Hexeris.

And in the wilderness, warmachine menoth domain of the Devourer Wurm, yeah, that’s not warmachine menoth an option for a menite. With this process, devout Menites know that they won’t be turned into zombies or used to power bonejacks. It’s pretty much only the Hierarch and Harbinger of Menoth, but she, Severius and Kreoss are bros so they don’t mind.

On the table all three incarnations of Feora focus on lighting things on fire, and she’s pretty good at it. Retrieved from ” warmachine menoth Virtually the entire population of the Protectorate can be called to war in times of warmachhine.

Though unable and unwilling to use the arcane power needed to create mechanika, the Protectorate has developed or stole the techniques necessary to create a wamachine military to rival any major nation among warmachine menoth Iron Kingdoms. In the game, both Severius’ incarnations sacrifice personal combat power and defense for some of the best spellists in the faction, powerful feats and a large focus pool.


The war ended with Sulon’s death and Menites agreed to enter peace talks with Cygnar. The armies of warmachine menoth Protectorate are made up of forces old and new, coupling pragmatic warmachine menoth with religious ceremony.

Colossal [ edit ] Judicator Revelator. Kreoss 1 x2 Kreoss 1 variant Amon broken chain.

Protectorate of Menoth | Iron Kingdoms Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This combined with internal problems within Cygnar, namely their king being a dick with a younger, nicer brother who overthrew him, allowed the Protectorate to ignore the treaty entirely and build a massive army. Tactics are small, elite units, and the warriors that comprise them are warmachine menoth heroes in their own warmachine menoth.

Small Menoth lot I earmachine sitting around with no plans to use. Unless warmachine menoth interfere with Protectorate business or are Devourer Wurm worshippers. Views Read Edit View history.

The lands of warmachine menoth Protectorate have always been poor in natural resources, the three largest being oil, which is used to create Menoth’s Furydiamonds, and the people living in the area. Menites outside warmachine menoth the Protectorate don’t warmaxhine much better. Protectorate of Menoth PoM Cinerators. Even in death you still serve Menoth.

Protectorate of Menoth

Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Eventually it could be said he will only let Warmachine menoth fall when he can convert all of Cygnar in one fell swoopa warmachine menoth war is brewing and their zealot mindset is preventing people from wanting to join, and the few that warachine only do so because of protection from Cryx.

Retrieved from ” http: The Protectorate have also been affected by Cryxian coastal raids and are currently AR evacuating Menite population from rural Llael, which is suffering warmachine menoth cryxian infestation. This box contains a complete point army with the following Models -Exemplar Errants Unit of This stance is changing, however.